Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Importance of using internet in journalism

Journalism is a job of informing the public about different kind of issues, they might be political, socially, sports or economical.

So as a journalist I need also to be more skilled on how to use internet so that I can read and get more information and pass it correctly to the public.

Internet service is a very good source for a journalist if he/she knows how to use it and that is if they know how to use which websites to get the right information they need.

So that is why I joined the Internet workshop for Tanzania Journalists organized by MISA-Tan. This workshop I believe will help me improve my skills more on how to use internet in finding information, international news and other important materials that I can read and use when I write a story or feature.

During my first day in the workshop I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before. Things like buying train or airline ticket or shopping through internet because all I did know was that people can advertise by using internet.

But also I learned how to use major searching engines in the world like Google, yahoo and wikipedia and also how to use other website like www.see.tv, www.ebay.fi, www.youtube.com and many more that I didn’t know that they exist.

From what I have learnt though the first day in the workshop, I know I have ideas on how and where to look for international and local news and even fun things like games.

As a journalist I would also like to learn on how I can use internet to pass my journalistic work to the public, how to reach more people and how to avoid junks mails.

But also as a journalist sometimes we travel up to rural areas looking for stories or features and what we face there is lack of internet services and it becomes very difficult to send a story back to the publisher so, in future I would like to learn on how I can use mobile phone internet or any other internet means to send a story.

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One of the reasons the Internet is so important in education is because of the wealth of information the Internet contains. Of course, this is can be a disadvantage, since there is so much information.

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