Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet as a good source for a journalist

Yesterday in day two Internet workshop for Tanzania Journalist, I learned that apart from other sources a journalist can use, but also he/she can use internet as a good source too.

I knew that one of the sources that a journalist can use is his/her her ear and eye, people, contacts and press release but sometimes even if journalists have those sources also they can use internet to get their story more accurate.

And I found out why internet is a good source for a journalist because in there u can find a collection of newspapers and other information globally, you can check facts and even editing them, you can check grammar and you can even check background of something you are writing about.

We did a lot of things yesterday, apart from learning about the use of internet in everyday journalism we also opened each of us a blog account, it was amazing for me because I used to read and surf on other Tanzania and outside blogger and I didn’t even know how to open my own account.

Also yesterday we opened a lot of media websites that I knew exits and other I didn’t know that they exist.

Through what I have learnt yesterday I am sure now I have a good experience on how to use internet in my daily activities as a journalist. Because know I have a wide range of websites that I can use to get more fact, read and even just to have fun.

During yesterday session I did a lot of things like opening my own blog as I said before, opening other media websites inside and outside the country and I even tried to put a text and a picture in my own blog.

Well all of what we did yesterday was very useful to me because all those websites like just to name a few,,,,,,,,,,and many more are very useful to me in my professional.

I had a little problem during the session, and it was just I couldn’t open some of the websites because I didn’t know the address correctly and also internet was slow.


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