Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet as a tool of finding information

Here I am again on the third day of Internet Workshop for Tanzania Journalism and I continue to learn more and more on how to use internet not only in my career as a journalist but also in my daily life.

Today I have learned a lot on how to find information for my journalistic stories or features and what kind of information I can search by using website engines through internet.

As is known that we journalist doesn’t know everything we write so sometimes we have to use some help from expertise and it is not easy to find them, so if we use internet to find those facts it can help a lot, but that is if we know how to find the facts and also how to check them if their correct.

So through today session I learned on how to find certain information by using website engine Google and amazingly it was not that difficult as the exercise went on.

And what I found out is that sometimes it is not easy to find what you are looking for if you do not use the write word for the engine to search, so if you are not careful it’s easy to find wrong information or not to find at all what you were looking for.

However during the session we did a lot of things like finding some facts on some famous people, place and companies, e.g. we tried to look for the capital city of Burkina Faso, the name of president of Bolivia, contacts of Zain formally Celtel but also we even tried to locate the contact of president George Bush.

So through that exercise we had to visit several website like, and White house website.ring that

Along with that we tried also to use Google to find some correct information to use if we had a tip on a certain story and how to use the engine to find the contact of a district commissioner and so on.

So it was a profitable day as other days and the fun side of it, is we have to publish the articles to our blogs.


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